About Kafalah Trust

The Kafalah Trust is a non-profit organization that connects low-income and underprivileged people from remote areas with vetted and trusted employers abroad.Developed in a response to addressing birth right privilege and differences in equal opportunity across socioeconomic strata in Pakistan, The Kafalah Trust prevents vulnerable candidates from being exploited by human smugglers operating illegally across Pakistan by providing candidates with safe and legal passage.Our model is to identify, educate and connect candidates with employers abroad by working with reliable partners in Pakistan. By supporting the engagement of low-income and minority groups, we seek to play our part in a prosperous Pakistan and improve income and economic inequality.

Covid-19 update and global response

We are putting the resources and attention of the Trust to help you navigate the pandemic safely and do everything we can so that we emerge stronger from the pandemic.

To that end we have taken the following steps to ensure your financial and health safety:
• Engaged with Overseas Employment Promoters to ensure your insurance clauses are enacted and applicable
• Provided community welfare attaches in your destination country with PPE equipment should you need any
• Distributed PPE, food donation and telehealth services to your families located in Pakistan
• If you have been repatriated or are considering returning to Pakistan, please register yourself at: https://jobs.oec.gov.pk/returnees_overseas_registration. Please also get in touch with your point-of-contact so we can enroll you for free upskilling programs with government initiatives – National Freelance Training Program and eRozgaar digital skills program

We are continuously monitoring the situation in different countries where beneficiaries of the Trust are employed. Please keep your point-of-contact abreast of any questions, developments and concerns. They will do their best to help you

As for additional recruiting, we regret to inform you that are matching activities have been paused temporarily to help manage our current beneficiaries, however, we are happy to start a conversation.

We hope that you keep well and wish you the best of fortune in these uncertain times.

The Kafalah Trust


Safe and legal employment for the poor and underprivileged


To provide opportunities, which allow less fortunate people to escape poverty


Equal access to employment for all

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